A-Z of Food Safety

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    A-Z of Food Safety

    A – Z of food safety is compiled and updated by our food safety experts and trainers to help food businesses and consumers .

    Our A-Z includes information on food hygiene, health and safety as wellas other  health and safety issues. We hope you find it useful and if you would like to add anything, contact us.


    Acrylamide - survey of process contaminants 2008

    Acrylamide and Furan - FSA survey report

    Allergies - Latest News

    Allergies - FSA allergen labelling guidance 2008

    Allergies - research, labelling and advice to caterers

    Alerts - the latest food safety alerts from the FSA

    Aspartame - general information


    Bird flu - FAQs on avian influenza

    Bacillus - general information


    Campylobacter - general information

    Campylobacter - FSA Scotland research June 2009

    Chemicals in food - general information

    Chilled foods - best practice guidance

    CIEH - food safety qualifications

    CIEH - train the trainer qualifications

    Clostridium botulinum - FAQs

    Cleaning - Nuneaton & Bedworth BC Guidance

    Clostridium botulinum - FSA chilled food guidance 2008

    Clostridium perfringens - safe meat cooling predictor model

    Courses - CIEH food safety qualifications

    Courses - CIEH PTLS qualification

    Cryptosporidium - general information

    Cryptosporidium facts - general information


    Eggs - Lion Brand Eggs

    Enforcement - food law codes of practice that EHOs should follow

    Enforcement - food law practice guidance

    Enforcement - Retail enforcement pilots

    Enforcement - Regulators compliance code 2007

    E.coli - FSA research review 2008

    E.coli (VTEC) - Health Protection Agency FAQs

    E.coli (VTEC) - FSA research projects on E. coli

    E.coli - Report into Welsh outbreak 2009

    E.coli - HUSH (UK E.coli support group)

    Eggs - Safe use of eggs

    Eggs - FSA research projects

    Escolar fish - inherent hazards

    Event catering - CIEH guidance


    FSA Foodborne Viruses Research Conference - A summary report of proceedings at the 2013 conference

    Food Hygiene Rating of Food Businesses - Find ratings for a food business

    The Food Safety Act 1990 - The Food Safety Act 1990

    Food Labelling Regulations 2009 - general information

    Food Hygiene Rating Scheme - general information

    Food contact materials - FAQs about materials for use with food

    Food contact materials - FSA guide to compliance:

    Food handlers - fitness to work guidance 2009

    Food safety news - LACORS

    Food Safety News - Kansas State University

    Food Safety News from CIEH - CIEH news

    Food Safety News from EH News - On-line Environmental Health News

    Food Safety News from FDA - US Food and Drugs Administration

    Food Safety News from SOFHT - On line SOFHT Focus


    Genetically modified and novel foods - general information

    Giardia - general information


    HACCP - EC guidance on implementation in small businesses Nov 2005

    HACCP - CODEX general principles of food hygiene 2003

    HACCP - ISO 22000:2005 food safety management systems


    Infection Control - HPA Guidance on infection control in schools and other childcare settings

    Imported food - the rules that apply when importing foods

    Incidents: FSA Guidance - guidance of how to deal with food safety incidents

    Incidents - FSA Annual Report of Incidents 2012

    Incidents - report form for food and feed recalls and withdrawals

    Infections - A to Z guide

    Irradiated foods - FAQs


    Legislation - EC Reg. 2073/2005: microbiological criteria for foodstuffs

    Labelling - the rules that apply to food labelling

    Legislation: EC Reg.178/2002 - General Food Regulations 2002

    Legislation - EC Reg. 852/2004: food safety regulations

    Legislation - EC Reg. 853/2004: product specific food legislation

    Legislation: Food Law Guide - Food Law Guide

    Legislation – Microbiological Criteria - EC Reg.2073 - Guidance for Food Business Operators

    Legislation: ACMSF Paper on Microbiological Criteria - on EC Reg.2073

    Legislation: Food Hygiene England Regulations - Food Hygiene (England) Regs 2006

    Legislation - FSA Guidance on temperature control legislation 2007

    Legislation - general information

    Legislation - General Food Regs 2004

    Legislation - Regulatory Enforcement and Sanctions Act 2008

    Legislation - Regulatory Enforcement and Sanctions Act 2008 - BERR Guidance

    Legislation - Regulatory Enforcement Sanctions Act 2008 - Primary Authority Guidance

    Legislation - The Food Labelling Regulations 1996

    Listeria monocytogenes - general information

    Listeria monocytogenes - UK research


    Microbiological Criteria for Foodstuffs - Commission Regulation (Ec) No 2073/2005

    Mail order food - Industry guide to good hygiene practice

    Meat - FSA Meat Industry Guide Jan 2010

    Meat hygiene - FSA research projects

    Mercury in fish - FAQs

    Minority Ethnic Food Businesses - EHO Guidance


    Norovirus - FAQs

    Norovirus - Guidance for the Management of Infection in Cruise Ships


    Organic foods - Soil Association

    Organic food regulation - Technical briefing note

    Outbreaks - FSA report of outbreaks associated with ready to eat fresh produce

    Outbreaks - FSA management of outbreak guidelines 2008

    Outbreaks - European surveillance

    Outbreaks - UK surveillance


    Pests - CIEH guidelines on pest control 2008

    Pesticides - general Information

    Poultry - FSA research projects

    Prosecutions - News and cases published in Environmental Health News


    Research - results of FSA funded research projects

    Research - On-line Journal of Food Protection

    Research - FSA annual report 2011

    Rotavirus - general information


    Salmonella - FSA survey of shell eggs

    Salmonella - FSA survey of non-UK shell eggs

    Salmonella - general information

    Salmonella - LACORS/HPA survey of ready-to-eat dried seeds

    Salmonella - survey of pooled raw shell eggs

    Salmonella - UK research

    Sampling - advice on interpreting microbiological results

    Sampling - HPA guidelines for ready to eat foods 2009

    Scores on the door - schemes that provide the public with the results of a food businesses last EHO inspection - was Scores on Doors, now Food Hygiene Ratings

    Shellfish - FSA research projects

    Shelf-life - Guidance for ready to eat food

    Shigella - general information

    Statistics - food poisoning and other gastroenteritis

    Statistics - DEFRA food statistics pocketbook

    Supplier approval - SALSA scheme

    Surveys - UK food survey results to help assess risks

    Swine flu - NHS guidance


    Traceability - IFT Technical Report


    Vacuum Packing - FSA online training

    Vacuum packing - FSA guidance


    Water - Drinking water safely


    Yersinia - UK Research